"Just awesome."

-Kevin Cerdá, BeautiFun Games

Champions of chaos 2 is an Arena turn based RPG where the player can combine up to 10 different classes in a two man party to fight waves of enemies and gain reputation and allies. The battle system combine elements of “Grandia” and final fantasy with “Marvel vs Capcom” special moves. You lead a two character party of ambassadors, warriors of the rebel forces, looking to make an alliance with the free nations of the west in order to have the military power to fight back the advancing dark emperor forces. To win the trust of the leaders of the nations of the west you must show your people strength in the different arenas of their nations.

  • Standard Edition


    • All Characters
    • Second Gameplay Mode
    • New Bosses
    • Book of Chaos
  • Supporter Edition

    Includes standard and:

    • Extra Wallpapers
    • You are givin us EXTRA support!